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Asteria Diamonds Review

Asteria Diamonds Review


Asteria Diamonds is a family business company specializing in diamond manufacturing, sales and jewelry production for over 50 years in Israel. Asteria Diamonds has become one of the leading supplier of fancy colored diamonds. They have offices all over the world, including five in China and others in Hong Kong, England, Dubai, France, India and The United States. The company producing only the highest quality colored diamonds and jewelry.

Asteria Diamonds also provide Diamonds investment service. Many savvy investors have diversify their assets from traditional stocks and bonds to alternative investments, such as gold, silver & diamonds to prepare for future finacial uncertainty. Did you know that colored diamond prices have experienced no significant drops in the last 40 years? Colored diamond prices have risen 122% in the last ten years. Asteria Diamonds investment experts can help and advice with you as to how diamonds can protect your investment portfolio.

When it comes to buying a fancy colored diamond rings or earing, Asteria Diamonds are Top notch and trustworthy company. Asteria Diamonds experts have been extensively trained and specializes in fancy colored diamond purchasing, sales and investment.


Fancy colored diamonds

Asteria Diamonds offer free international shipping. Your shipping is fully indured for your protection.You will receive your item within 14 business days of your order. They offer a 4% discount on on purchases paid through bank transfer. What we like more about are they offer best price guarantee which mean that if you show them a valid offer for a comparable diamond at a better price than theirs. They will give you additinal 3% off on competitor's price.

The company offer lifetime warranty on damages that occur due to manufacturing defects.  The return policy are 30 days from the day you receive your item with No questions asked. At the moment ,they only provide free return shipping for US customer.

Asteria Diamonds Website is easy for users to navigate and search for specific items. The search function at the Top right corner of website.

Pink colored Diamonds


Let us review of Radiant Fancy Pink Brown white diamond halo cluster Ring. This 0.38 Carat diamond,Fancy Pink Brown with VS2 clarity, with a graceful Randiant Diamond Shape
This remarkable fancy diamond has bee inspected and graded by GIA and is accompanined by its original certificate.The Diamond ring measure 4.27x3.72x2.59mm.  This Diamond rings has Very Good polish and Good symmetry. Beside photographs, you can view with  video button. Diamond rings are the traditional choice, and they symbolise a charming and long-lasting memorial of your personality.


 Fancy Pink Brown Diamond Ring

When shopping for a diamond, you should of course choose the shape that you like the best, but then look at several different diamonds of that shape to find the one with the best cut – the one that sparkles the most, in all types of lighting.

Lastly,whether you are buying diamond for your personaltiy or investment, demand for diamonds is increasing day by day.  They are many Diamonds and Jewellery online shops out there, Asteria Diamonds are reputable and trustworthy company. They are one of the best in the diamonds & jewellery industry.  They provide high quality diamonds and gemstones, you won't be disappointed. Click Here To For More Details on Asteria Dimonds.